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Programme Highlights


Accessible Entry

Join us as our angel investor


High Returns

Gross revenue over 800% in 15 years


Secured Scheme

Lots reserved to minimize our partners’ risk


Professional Consultant

Appointed experts from Taiwan to advise our vanilla cultivation


Contract Protected

Interests and rights of our partners are  being protected by contracts


Financially Audited

Annual report being prepared by a renowned third party audit firm

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Our farms focus on the cultivation of the world's two most valuable cultivars 

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Constant Supply of Natural Vanilla

Vanilla Planifolia | Vanilla Tahitensis

Vanilla Planifolia

More delicate in taste with rich, milky scent

Vanilla Tahitensis

Shorter and plumper beans, with fruity and floral scent

Main Value

Natural vanilla extract is a mixture of more than 270 types of aromatic molecules, where they combine to form VANILLIN, the main flavouring agent in the vanilla beans, which this fragrance cannot be recreated through chemosynthesis.

Vanilla Ice Cream


Trying on Perfume


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Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube


Cosmetic Products


Homemade Soaps

Health Care Products​

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Market Price

Vanilla is also known as Green Gold, where its price hit  above 600 $USD per kg in 2017/18. Since then, it has become a spice that is as valuable as silver.

5. Vanilla is now as expensive as like Silver by 2018.jpg
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Recovery of F&B and all others industries post-pandemic

Halt in usage of artificial essence as announced by F&B giants

Preference of consumers to natural ingredients

Unstable production by the world's largest vanilla exporter

Minimum export price
of 250 $USD per kg has been instituted by Madagascar

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Competitive Advantages


Malaysia: The Best Location to Grow Vanilla

  • Conducive weather & environment

  • Located outside of volcanic zone

  • Safe political structure & society

  • Whole & complete infrastructure

Vanilla Farming: ​Rising Star Agro-Project

  • Higher returns than durian and oil palm plantation

  • Negligible cost of storage and export

  • Small size with high unit price of end products


Vanilla Tech: Your Best Partner

  • We have collaborated with Taichung District Agricultural RES

  • We have complete cultivating skills and post-harvesting experiences

  • We have become the Largest Vanilla Nursery in Malaysia

  • We have over 140 acres of land to be developed

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Development Events & Plans

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Plant Shadow

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.   Who is Vanilla Tech Sdn. Bhd.?

We are currently the Largest Vanilla Nursery in Malaysia, reserving over 100K of vanilla seedlings. We are growing fast and our goal is to become the Largest Vanilla Producer in Malaysia over the next 3 years.

2.   Where is your farm ?

The first phase of this programme is located at Senai, Johor with a land area of 11 acres.  As we progress, we will continue development in another 30 acres of land in Ipoh and over 100 acres of land in Seremban.

3.   What is the market value of vanilla ?

According to a report from Verified Market Research published in Jul 2022, the Global Vanilla Market Size worth 2.2B USD in 2021 and is expected to grow at 5.39% of CAGR to reach 3.4B USD by 2030.

4.   Which sectors are the key buyers ?

  • Global, Regional, and Local F&B Companies

  • Bakeries, Cafés, & Restaurants

  • Specialized Spice Stores

  • Vanilla Traders and Importers

5.   Why Vanilla Farming Collaboration Programme ?

This is a programme with mutual benefit scheme, where we provide the opportunities for our partners to build their passive income, while they offer support to fast-track our growth. We are serious about our partners’ security and the sustainability of this programme, in which we have appointed a renowned Third Party Audit and Legal Firm to monitor the Rights and Interests of our partners.

Our Partners

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